Our next event is ToryTechs Hack Night on the 18th of March

Who is welcome?

Everyone is welcome in the community (yes, even lefties) as long as they are constructive and polite.
That said, we specifically cater for...


Develop software that helps make politics more effective


Design tools, processes, apps, and websites that make Britain work better


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Why does this exist?

ToryTechs is an answer to CampaignLab, LibDem Software Group, and other groups of anti-tory political technologists. We believe the landscape should be more balanced, and there should be more effort put into providing a constructive and supportive space for conservative technologists, makers, designers, and activists.

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Who's behind it?

ToryTechs was founded in 2019 by Joe Reeve and Waverley Coquet

Joe is a Fellow of The London College of Political Technologists, founder of HackThePress.Org, and general open-source contributor.
Waverley is an American-Canadian import, with a passion for technology, events, and making the world a more delightful place.

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